Our company was founded in 1963 as a rubber plate manufacturer for the corrugated box industry in the Chicago area.  Over the years, we have led the industry in the transition from a very manual hand engraving process (thus the term "engraving") to the computerized and predominately photo-mechanical method of plate manufacturing that it is today.

The first practical system for photo-mechanically produced deep-relief plates for corrugated was created by Ray Luttrell in 1967.  It was adapted by DuPont two years later and became the industry standard for plate making for many years.

In 1964 Luttrell Engraving was issued a U.S. patent for the first printing plate to reduce print distortion by using built-in compressibility.  Modified versions for plate compressibility are the industry standard today for high quality graphics on corrugated and are made by most trade shops.

Another improvement in corrugated printing was developed by Ray Luttrell in 1992 with the issuance of another U.S. patent, this one for structure and monitoring of bar code plates for corrugated.  Our Barr-Corr plate is the most dependable product for printing reliable bar codes on corrugated.

Today, our company produces liquid and sheet photopolymer plates from high quality materials for a wide variety of flexographic applications, from simple one-color prints to multi-color point of purchase displays to high-tech process prints.  With four photopolymer exposure units ranging in sizes up to 50" x 80", we can meet your needs for large one-piece plates and high volume output.

As the flexographic industry continues to advance and improve with better ink and inking systems, and better registration systems, we will continue to meet or exceed the industry's needs and to develop superior printing products and services.